RefAid is hiring!

RefAid’s mission is to connect refugees and migrants with the services they need, wherever they are. We work with over 8,000 vetted organizations, and have over the last six years served hundreds of thousands of people in crisis. The RefAid app shows migrants, refugees and those who help them where the services are, on a simple map interface. The web-based content management system allows trusted aid organizations to manage and update their services and to get their critical aid where it is most urgently needed. trellyz is a technology company that works in resource management and collaboration, and is the power behind the RefAid app.

trellyz|RefAid is looking for energetic, high-impact professionals to join our mission-driven organisation. You can register your interest and submit your CV below.

Outreach Managers (full time, remote)

The Outreach Manager will be responsible for planning, directing and coordinating activities relating to community outreach. They will oversee the organization of outreach tasks, and will be able to confidently communicate with organizations, nonprofits, service providers, government agencies, partners and other staff members. We are looking for Outreach Managers to coordinate all of our in-country activities, as well as local Outreach professionals who will focus on a specific country. This is a fully remote role. Country-specific outreach managers will preferably have deep knowledge of that area, including the language. There are opportunities to travel in this role. Contact us and we will send you more information about the role.