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There has never been a better time to capture public sentiment. Let us help you create and activate concepts.

For sponsorships large and small, trellyz RefAid will work with brands and agencies to develop a visual identity, be it for a system or a short-term campaign that can span in-app, physical (out-of-home, print collateral) and digital (website, social channels and more). Opportunities even exist for sponsoring a particular category of service (food, shelter, education, and more).


Geo Targetting

With location-based in-app branding, you can target people in a specific city or region – ensuring maximum exposure where it counts. Reach the ever-expanding community of concerned citizens who want to make a difference.

Reach migrants and refugees as they become established in a new country where they will contribute to the economy and become your loyal customers.

If non-profits were a country they would make up the 5th largest economy in the world. We have location-based opportunities to reach non-profits and government service providers through our web-based platform that they use to manage their services.

Why now?

Raise your voice in a campaign in celebration of immigration!

  • Earned Media Benefits
  • PR & Social Media Promotions
  • In-App Branding
  • Custom Activations
  • Shows Openness for Diverse Hiring
  • Endless Opportunities

Jump on the train of public sentiment!

Align your commitment with the communities you serve.

Expand your brand beyond your existing customer base and make a positive social impact.

Align your CSR, stakeholders and employee commitments to volunteering.