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Map, manage and publish your services

If you are a registered non-profit or government service provider, you can enter your services by type and location and publish them to the RefAid mobile app so migrants, you and your colleagues, aid workers, and volunteers can find your services wherever they are, whenever they need help. RefAid is free for all non-profits and free for all users!

RefAid is actively working to help those fleeing the Ukraine. You can now post services in Ukrainaian, Polish and other regional languages. We have added a category to immediately highlight to migrants those services focusing on those fleeing the war. Deploy and manage resources effectively. Deploy and manage resources effectively.


Create and participate only live network of local, national, and international organizations helping migrants and refugees. Enable your employees and volunteers to see what resources your organization is offering. Share information about your services with other organizations and use the platform to find services so you can make referrals to the people you serve. Use RefAid’s collaboration tools to coordinate with employees, volunteers, and with other organizations – in real time. Avoid duplication. Reduce costs. Improve impact.


Communicate with other organizations through in-app messages, push notifications, and emails.

Send location-targeted push notifications and messages about mobile or pop-up services and time sensitive information to migrants. Give the right information to the right people at the right time.

Flyers and posters are available to promote RefAid.

New Logistics Hub

In order to help speed up the delivery of aid in the Ukraine crisis we are launching the trellyz Logistics Hub to help organizations needing resources request them and those offering resources to offer them, with logistics and transportation partners and private sector companies helping meet these needs. Please contact us to join the hub.