How can you help?

Take beautiful little actions

Here is something you can do today to help migrants and refugees in your local community today! Tell people in local religious organizations, community centers and schools about RefAid. Encourage them to download the app and tell others about it. Subscribe to our mailing list for more ideas about how you can help.
Share your love!



Be an ambassador

Help us recruit other trusted service providers. You might know people who work in organizations that help people. Encourage them to include their services into the app so more of the people they help can find what they need, where they are, when they need it. Download the flyer and email it to those you know.
Amplify your compassion!




RefAid is the passion project of trellyz, a software company that helps government and nonprofits make their services available to all of us. We pay for it ourselves. You can help us help others with small contribution. We are not a charity, so you will not get a tax deduction. But know this: we spend all of our time on RefAid for free, and have supported it all on our own.
Leverage your efforts!